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About us

Tour-Lite Camping & Leisure Trailers

Established in 2007 Tour-Lite Trailers was started by it's curent owners, a Perth based family business. Based on a true belief that the Erde range of quality built, lightweight and uniquely designed French built Trailers would offer the Australian market an alternative to the traditional heavy steel painted trailer, Tour-Lite was born.

Since then Tour-Lite have steadily increased the Erde Brand to the point where over 5000 customers are enjoying the benefit of such a well built and affordable trailer. Within the first year Tour-Lite introduced a range of lightweight camper trailers which offered, for the first time, the opportunity for customers with small 4 cylinder cars to experience the world of camper trailers.

The decision to take the punt on introducing a French Built Trailer to the Australian market was largely due to what we believed to be a huge potential, The Leisure Trailer. Australians love to travel, whether it be for a quick weekend getaway or a longer journey exploring our vast country side. The problem is where to put all the stuff required for such a trip. This problem was addressed some 60 years ago in France by Erde who delivered to the market a trailer equipped with a lockable lid that enabled the transporting of the family belongings in a water proof secure trailer. Since then more and more Europeans made the decision to buy an Erde Leisure Trailer as an alternative to buying a bigger car. With over 2000 Leisure Trailers now travelling Australian Roads, our customers have identified the benefits and made the same decision.

Going forward Tour-Lite will continue to increase the awareness of what makes an Erde the worlds most best lifestyle trailer whilst continuing to introduce more innovative products just like the Roadster motorcycle camper trailer and Roof Top Overnighter ,which will deliver on our promise that thanks to Tour-Lite Trailers...

"Getting Away Just Got Easier."

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