Australia's lightest and most affordable Motorcycle Luggage and Camper Trailers


Looking for to make your next motorcycle road trip more enjoyable?

The Roadster Luggage and Camper Trailer is quickly becoming Australias most popular choice for riders looking to get the most out of their next touring trip. Put simply noone else can offer a trailer that is as light, practical and most importantly as affordable as the Roadster.

Starting from as little as $1,200 the roadster luggage trailer only weighs 60 kg and can carry 420 litres of luggage. Coupled with our unique lightweight lockable lid the capacity increases to 780 litres of waterproof secure storage.

If you're looking for a step up from sleeping in a swag the Roadster Camper Trailer offers sleeping quarters suitable for two Adults capable of being set up in under 3 minutes. Currently priced at under $3,500 the Roadster Camper is up to a third of the cost of other Motorcycle Campers on the market and with a total weight of only 115kg nothing comes close for ease of towing.

Check out the gallery pics or website videos to learn more or contact us today and find out why thTour-Lite Roadstern has become the option of choice for many motorcycle touring enthusiasts.



That's right, any of our trailers and accessories can be delivered to you in flatpack form, Australia-wide.

Europe's most popular and most trusted brand of trailers, ERDE & DAXARA, are uniquely designed so they can be shipped anywhere in flatpack form and easily assembled by you just like a piece of Ikea Furniture, but even easier.

Enquire today about how your chosen model can be fully assembled for you if you're in Perth, otherwise it can be delivered Australia wide to your local nearest depot.

*Conditions Apply

Instructional DVD supplied with ervery trailer delivered

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