Tour-Lite Offers Lightweight Camper Trailers Perth

No matter how small your car or 4WD we have a camper trailer to suit. At only 300 - 350kg Tour-Lite camper trailers are the most lightweight trailers on the market at only half the weight of typical Chinese / Australian built trailers.

Designed to multi-purpose the camper top can be unbolted so the customer can make use of a 6' x 4" or 7' x 4.5" tipper trailer when not being used as a camper trailerTour-Lite Trailers offer a range of trailer tent tops to suit everyone from the individual with a small car / 4wd who enjoys the great outdoors to a Family needing the space to cater up to 8 people. 

So if your looking for a lightweight trailer that offers so much more for alot less contact us now on 08 9456 3377 to find out what makes Erde Trailes so unique.   Click here for more information



That's right, any of our trailers and accessories can be delivered to you in flatpack form, Australia-wide.

Europe's most popular and most trusted brand of trailers, ERDE & DAXARA, are uniquely designed so they can be shipped anywhere in flatpack form and easily assembled by you just like a piece of Ikea Furniture, but even easier.

Enquire today about how your chosen model can be fully assembled for you if you're in Perth, otherwise it can be delivered Australia wide to your local nearest depot.

*Conditions Apply

Instructional DVD supplied with ervery trailer delivered

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