Dear Steve,

We purchased a Tourlite “Getaway” at the 2010 Perth Caravan and Camping Show. On taking delivery of the Camper Trailer in early June 2010 we towed it home to Albany behind our 2001 Hyundai Elantra. The Camper Trailer was so easy to tow that it was easy to forget that it was behind us.

On getting the trailer home we outfitted it over the next couple of weeks with a water tank, a camp kitchen and some storage boxes.

Mid July 2010 we commenced towing the Camper Trailer behind our Motorhome on our journey from Albany to Cairns, via Sydney, where we had arranged to meet up with friends, Piet and Marietta, from South Africa. The plan was that while we were travelling with our South African friends we would sleep in the Motorhome, while Piet and Marietta would use the Camper Trailer as their accommodation. (On the way to Cairns, it was interesting hearing other people’s comments on why they thought we were towing a Camper Trailer behind a Motorhome).

On Piet and Marietta’s arrival in Cairns they quickly made themselves comfortable in the Camper Trailer. Our little group of four then travelled from Cairns back to Albany via Mt Isa, Alice Springs, Coober Pedy, Port Augusta, Eucla, and Hyden. Piet and Marietta reckoned that the Camper Trailer was quite luxurious and extremely comfortable and we could have it up and ready for use in less than five minutes. In the mornings we could have it packed and ready to go, also in about five minutes.

On arrival back at our home in Albany near the completion of their holiday Piet and Marietta were so impressed with the Camper Trailer that they wanted to know if they would be able to purchase one on their return to South Africa. We did some research on the internet and could not find complete units available in South Africa. As Piet and Marietta already had a trailer we then looked at what it would cost to purchase the OZtrail Camper Trailer Tent here in Australia and have it shipped to their home. This exercise also proved pointless in that the cost of transportation was more than the original purchase price of the OZtrail Camper Trailer Tent. At one point we wondered if we might get Qantas to attach a towbar to one of their aircraft.

We eventually found an OZtrail camping products distributer in Cape Town, South Africa, and although they did not stock the OZtrail Camper Trailer Tent, they made some enquiries of the manufacturer and eventually were able to get what Piet and Marietta wanted, delivered to their door in Pretoria for slightly less than the Australian purchase price. Piet and Marietta often go on safari’s in their home country and in the past had been using a tent for their accommodation.

We now plan to tow the Camper Trailer behind our Toyota Landcruiser to access those places in Australia that one can’t get to utilising the Motorhome.

Thanks for a great product.


- "Hooky" and Glenys